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Prepare for an exiting career in the Hospitality industry through the online Hotel Management course.

Students on our online Hospitality Management program will undertake a Level 4/5 240-credit course, designed to prepare students with the skills needed to be a competent employee in the Hospitality industry. During the Hotel Management program, students will have the ability to access tutor support and webinars, a social learning forum, and additional materials to help in the completion of their diploma.

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

During the course of study for their diploma in Hospitality Management, students will gain skills in food and beverage supply chain Management, accounting and cost control, marketing in Hotel and leisure, and more. Upon successful completion of the course, students can pursue positions at Hotels, restaurants, resorts, and other associated properties in the Hotel and Hospitality industry.
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    To enrol in a Level 4 course, you must be at least 18 and have a full secondary education. Before enroling in Level 5, you must complete Level 4.

    Detailed course information

    Accounting and Cost Control Budgeting, cost control and sound financial Management are a prerequisite for any successful business. This module examines key areas of budgeting and cost Management and the importance of financial reporting and analysis.

    Hospitality and Hotel Housekeeping Housekeeping is the public face of this industry and this module focuses on the issues involved in keeping rooming and other public areas to a high quality standard both in Hotels and event locations. Considering quality, customer expectations, logistics and practicalities.

    Quality/health and Safety There is a massive burden of responsibility in this industry to keep both the public and your guests safe and protected and this responsibility inevitably runs alongside the need for quality in everything you do. This module focuses on the responsibilities both legal and practical in safeguarding staff and customers in the industry and delivering to the highest possible standards.

    Facilities Management This industry relies on many ancillary facilities that need to integrate and operate in harmony. This module focuses on these aspects such as equipment and machinery both in public areas and in areas such as food preparation, heating, lighting and public lifts.

    Culinary and Nutritional Aspects Modern catering and Hospitality explores new areas of food and beverage planning with increasing emphasis on dietary and healthy eating requirements. This module looks at the various aspects of menu planning and analysis of dietary and nutritional balance.

    Marketing in Hotel and Leisure This industry is competitive but highly segmented with very specific messages needed to be given for well defines target segments. This module explores the segmentation created within the industry, key factors in exploiting them and how these impact on the marketing plan.

    Primary Management Issues for Hospitality and Hotel Management In the end a successful operation will revolve around a high quality and well trained Management team. This module explores the key aspects of Hotel and Hospitality Management that need to be identified and developed and the various skills required.

    Organisational Behaviour and Social Aspects in Hospitality The Hotel and Hospitality industry is primarily customer facing with direct and continuous interaction with customers at all levels and at all points of the customer experience. This places unique cultural and interpersonal issues that need to be recognised and dealt with. This module will explore some of these issues and how they impact on different sectors.

    Training and CPD Training and continual development is a vital area of this industry and such a broad and diverse range of challenges continually arise. This module will explore the key areas of the industry and the focus on skill development and the planning demanded to sustain a professional and effective organisation.

    Teams This industry is quite unique in the diversity of skills required within the entire customer experience and complementary skills are demanded to ensure a seamless and high quality customer experience. This module explores all aspects of teamwork, the key skill requirements and mechanisms for continual improvement.

    Food Safety and Hygiene There is much more to the catering activities than the cooking skills required. This module focusses on basic hygiene and food preparation skills and requirements. Areas such as food nutrition, labelling, preparation, storage.

    Food and Beverage Supply Chain Management The external and internal supply chain within food and beverage provision is very specialist and requires specific skills and knowledge. This module will analyse the elements of the supply chain and all the Management and control issues that arise at each stage.

    Events and Conference Management Planning is the key to event Management and strong project Management skills are required. This module examines the skill areas and planning requirements to ensure smooth and seamless delivery of events and other customer experiences.

    Hotel Front Office Operations Front office is the primary public face of the operation and a specific blend of skills is required. This module looks at the activities in front office, the roles, responsibilities and key aspects of effective performance.

    Key Performance Indicators The diverse activities in the Hotel and Hospitality industry create many key performance indicators that are necessary for Management control and feedback. KPIs are a strong and effective Management tool and this module looks at what are the key indicators, how they are used and how they can be responded to.

    Consumer Behaviour in the Hospitality and Hotel Industry Closely linked to any marketing plan should be an exploration of consumer behaviour and in particular how it differs in each market segment. This module looks at patterns of consumer behaviour by segment, what lessons can be learned and how it can impact on your marketing plan.

    Working With Third Parties in the Sector This industry relies on many relationships particularly in the modern world of internet and instant information. Third party marketing, equipment suppliers, sub-contractors, comparison web sites all have an impact on the business. This module examines these impacts and the Management issues arising.

    Economics of the Sector There are many macro and micro economic impacts on this industry such as economy strength, international conflicts, geo political as well as micro Management issues of cost control, labour provision etc. This module explores the various elements that can impact on the sector.

    Risk and Security in Hospitality and Hotel Management There have been many events internationally that illustrate the challenges faced by the industry be it personal safety, fraud, customer behaviour issues and the more general potential dangers in areas such as food hygiene. This module will look at a broad range of issues and explore risk Management planning.

    The Use of Technology It goes without saying that technology is an integral part of the industry both internally within the business but also externally with third parties serving as contractors and agents. This module will look at the must have technologies and new developments emerging that will have an impact on the sector.

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    This course is taught by:

    Professor Peter Jackson

    Board of Studies Director. Professor Jackson manages the quality assurance board at Online Business School, he ensures OBS Students and Colleges receive high quality education and support.

    Michele Rance

    Student Support. Michele manages day to day student queries at Online Business School.

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