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Supply Chain management is concerned with the global management of physical, information flows for the elaboration of products, going from raw materials and suppliers through the production and distribution system down to the final consumers and transport activities play a key role in the organization of the system. The design, planning and optimization of global supply chains and their components (procurement, production, distribution and transport) has become a key factor of performance competitiveness for companies of all sectors in the increasingly competitive global economy. The program covers the logistics activities of companies in the productive sectors as well as in the service activities.

A two year Master of Science English taught program fully accredited by the French Ministry of Education and consistent with the European LMD educational system.
Possibility to join the program at year 1 or year 2 depending of background and experience.
Master’s degree program offered by the Ecole des Mines de Nantes (GEM Graduate School of Engineering – Nantes, France) – Department of Industrial Engineering and Automatic Control

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The MOST program aims to give a competitive edge to students and young professionals interested in industrial engineering and engineering management with a high emphasis on quantitative methods for decision making in the field of supply chain and transport management and optimization, by providing:the high-level technical and management skills necessary for the management of supply chains and logistics and transport systems for the productive or service sectors;an advanced training in Operations Research and Decision making techniques applied to supply chain management;an in-depth knowledge of industrial systems operations management, production, transport and logistics in all sectors of economic activity;the ability to manage complex innovative projects in an international environment;the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical concepts in a real industrial environment or conduct a research project aimed at developing innovations in the area;the chance to learn the French language and acquire the French culture;the opportunity to enter a high level carrier in industry or to continue for the preparation of a doctoral thesis.As global competition becomes stronger and the demands of all sectors of the market continue to grow in terms of technology as well as price and service, companies needs managers, industrial engineers and professionals who can operate effectively across the Management / Technology interface that characterizes supply chains.
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MSc in Management and Optimization of Supply Chains and Transport, (MOST)

Student Testimonial

I would encourage anybody who wants to further their studies to choose this master program as it offers a great opportunity to study in
a world class and highly ranked engineering school.

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Admission Criteria

Participants must hold an initial background in engineering or science. Graduates in economics or management or other fields may also be admitted provided the hold a strong background in quantitative methods. No prior “major” area of specialization is required. Participants holding a first industrial experience are particularly welcome.To candidate in M1 : First year of master :The international Master is open to candidates with at least a scientific Bachelor of Science degreeTo candidate in M2 : Second year of master :The international Master is open to candidates with at least 4 years at university Bachelor or First year of masterWith scientific disciplines such as Science or Engineering.Candidates must have a certificate or other proof of English proficiency (required score: TOEFL ibt 80, IELTS 6.0, TOEIC 750, Cambridge)A work experience is not mandatory but is a “plus” for the selectionNo prerequisite in French

Detailed course information

The MOST master’s program extends over two years and comprises 4 academic semesters having a specific focus

Year 1: 2 academic semesters (M1 S1 and M1 S2)
M1 S1 focus: Fundamentals of Supply Chain (SC) Management & Optimization
M1 S2 focus: Industrial Engineering & Management Methods and Techniques
Year 2: 1 academic semester (M2 S1) 1 semester (M2 S2) devoted to the preparation of a Master’s thesis, or “End of Studies Project”
M2 S1 focus: Advanced Optimization & Applications
M2 S2 focus: Master Thesis
The master’s thesis can be prepared in the form of an industrial internship within a company or within a research laboratory.
Each academic semester comprises several modules corresponding to the following training areas:

Scientific and Technical Modules (ST)
Management Modules (SSG)
Scientific and technical Project Courses (PR)
Training for the Corporate World Courses (FEM)
Individual/Society Project Courses (CEP)
Foreign Language Courses (LV): study of the French language or another foreign language depending on the student’s mother tongue.
Each Module may comprise one or several Courses and leads to the obtention of ECTS credits. Each semester corresponds to the obtention of 30 ECTS and the full Master’s program to the obtention of 120 ECTS. See the school’s general rules and regulations for validating the credits and obtaining the master’s degree diploma.

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