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The MBA Master’s degree in Sports Management combines a unique exposure to Real Madrid, academic excellence, real practical cases and a vast network of contacts in the sports industry.


Chosen Best Master’s Degree In Sports Management in Spain in El Mundo newspaper’s 2015 ranking.

Chosen one of the 10 Best Master’s Degrees in Sports Management in the World by Sports Business Magazine 2015.

In recent years, sport has become a discipline that has expanded beyond its previously defined boundaries, thus increasing the need for specialized professionals in the various areas associated with the world of sport and sports organizations. The MBA - Master’s Degree in Sports Management is taught 100% in English and provides specific training in the field of sports management.
This MBA primarily consists of ten modules on company management, followed by a crossdisciplinary module on management skills.

The program contains a segment that specializes in sports and focuses on marketing, management and the operation of sports facilities.

The international nature of this program will enable students and sports managers to obtain the broadest possible perspective on all existing sports management models, not only in Spain but also beyond our borders, thanks to the participation of a top-class international faculty. This educational commitment will exponentially improve the scope and professional possibilities of our students.

The MBA Master’s degree in Sports Management combines a unique exposure to Real Madrid, academic excellence, real practical cases and a vast network of contacts in the sports industry.

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The objective of the MBA - Master’s Degree in Sports Management is to train management professionals in the world of sports.

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Admission Criteria

The admissions process for Universidad Europea Graduate Schoolprograms can take place at any time during the year, although enrollment on any graduate program will depend on the availability of places.Once candidates have received advice and have provided the necessary documentation, the Graduate Admissions staff will set a date for taking the entrance exams corresponding to the program they are interested in, and for a personal interview with the Master’s Program Director or a member of the Admissions Committee.The admissions process involves no costs or commitment for candidates until their place is formally reserved.Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea reserves the right to cancel or delay the start of a graduate program if the required minimum number of enrolled students is not met. The University also reserves the right to make any necessary changes in timetables, faculty assignments, location and campus for the programs. For more information, please check the Graduate School Regulations.

Detailed course information

MODULE 1.- General Management
Economic Analysis of the Sports Industry
Strategic Planning. Analysis of Sports Environments and Competition
Business Management Models and Economic Aspects

MODULE 2.- Finance
Annual Accounts for Sports Clubs and Organizations
Planning and Control in Sports Organization Management
Financial Management

MODULE 3.- Sports Facility Management and Operation
Infrastructure Management within a Sports Entity
Production of Sporting Events
Quality and Incident Management

MODULE 4.- Marketing and Communications
Strategic and Operational Marketing
Sponsorship in Sports
Audiovisual Rights
Sports and Society
Sports and the Media

MODULE 5.- Managerial Skills and Human Resources
People Management and Teamwork
Coaching Applied to Sports
Motivational Leadership of Teams
Communication: Public Speaking in Professional Environments
Emotional Intelligence in Sports Organizations

MODULE 6.- Specialization in Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Sports
Strategies for Starting a Sports Business
The Business Plan and Financing
International Organizations in Sports for Development
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sports
Social Entrepreneurship in Sports
Keys to Success and Failure

MODULE 7.- Specialization Branch B - Marketing and Communications (*)
The Media
Advertising Agencies
Official Organizations
Sports Rights
Sporting Events and Brand Profitability
Sports Clubs
Brand and Identity Management
Practical Application of a Communication Plan
Social Network and the Community Manager
Sports Content in the New Digital World

MODULE 8.- Specialization Branch C - Sports Facility Operation (*)
Management of Sports Facility Operations
Security and Technology at Sports Facilities
Municipal Operations and Management
The Fitness and Wellness Market
Large Parks
Golf Course Management
Organization of Sporting Events
Management of Leisure and Non-Conventional Spaces

MODULE 9.- Internship

MODULE 10.- Master's Thesis

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Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Av. de Concha Espina, 1, Madrid, Spain

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