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Course Overview

The entire program is based on the understanding of the operational and management functions of a company in an international environment, equipping students with the essential knowledge, interpersonal skills and pragmatic training needed in the current business world.
The program offers three specializations in English and two specializations in French.

Language of instruction: English or French
Internship placement (6 months): A mandatory internship placement during the last semester in France or abroad

Specializations in English

International Marketing
International People Management
Supply Chain Management

Specializations in French
International Marketing
Option 1: Luxury Goods
Option 2: Fast Moving Consumer Goods
International Finance

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The main goal of the Master’s program is to successfully insert our graduates into the French and international corporate worlds. The program provides students with excellent practical training that includes a strong foundation in international business and allows them to develop their own interests by selecting a specialization.
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ESCE 2-year Master’s degree program

Student Testimonial

The most important element for me was the career emphasis that the program offered which allowed me to partake in various internship positions adding a strong value to my degree

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Admission Criteria

The International Admission requirements for the ESCE 2-Year Master’s degree program are as follows:For specializations in English• Have successfully completed or are in their last semester of a Bachelor’s degree program 3 or 4 years) or equivalent, inbusiness, management, economics or any related discipline (degree accredited by the Ministry of Education of the degree awarding country)• English language level (if English is not your maternal language):- TOEIC >780 OR- TOEFL > 85 (iBT) OR- IELTS > 6.5 OR equivalent• French language level (if French is not your maternal language):a minimum knowledge of the French language (equivalent to one semester of university level French language training)PLEASE NOTE: In order to obtain the ESCE Master’s degree, international students following a specialization in English mustachieve a minimum B1 (intermediate) level in French language at the end of the program.For specializations in French• Have successfully completed or are in their last semester of a Bachelor’s degree (3 or 4 years) or equivalent in business,management, economics or any related discipline (degree accredited by the Ministry of Education of the degree awarding country)• French language level (if French is not your maternal language):- fluent or minimum B2 level on TEF/TCF or equivalent (European Framework of Language Training)• English language level (if English is not your maternal language):- TOEIC > 780 OR- TOEFL > 85 (iBT) OR- IELTS > 6.5 OR equivalent

Detailed course information

Program Structure:

- The first semester consists of core modules common to allspecializations
• The second and third semesters consist of courses in the specialization and core module courses in International Trade
• The last semester consists of a mandatory internship placement for 6 months and a final Thesis presentation

The core modules are designed to build a concrete foundation in international business, finance and economics complementing the courses related to the specializations.

Our Specializations:

International Marketing
Professor Véronique Drecq
Head of International Marketing and Communications Department
The International Marketing specialization provides students with the opportunity to acquire solid marketing knowledge through current marketing issues and evolutions in a multicultural environment transmitting skills and developing competences to prepare marketing professionals with a global approach. The International Marketing specialization is offered both in English
and in French.

Supply Chain Management
Professor Btissam Moncef
Head of Supply Chain Management specialization Indeed, competition in today’s marketplace takes increasingly place between supply chains rather than between individual companies, whatever the industrial sector (automobile, aeronautic, fashion, electronic goods, information technology, food, etc...).
Identifying and overcoming the “weakest link” in the international logistics chain becomes vital for sustainable success. Optimization of service levels and costs should consequently be strived for all
along the supply chain, from the supplier of the supplier to the customer of the customer.
This specialization develops skills for future managers and « architects » of inter-companies flows – physical ones (raw materials, components, spare parts, finished products, waste),
informational ones (traceability, logistics controlling) and financial ones (ownership transfers, distribution of costs and profits).

International People Management
Professor Andres Davila
Head of International People Management specialization
The International People Management specialization was created to train students to better understand how to manage themselves and others in international organizations. The IPM specialization provides a multicultural environment where students can exchange and learn about other cultures discover their full potential and find out what position they can assume in the workplace. We encourage our students to take responsibilities and to promote new initiatives by implementing key competencies:
• Manage International teams
• Measure individual, team and organizational performance
• Implement social responsibility & diversity programs and policies
• Develop the skills of collaborators and identify potential
• Manage international mobility and human resources policies
• Manage and implement change initiatives

International Marketing specializations
The International Marketing specializations delivered in English and in French offer common objectives which equip students with the knowledge and tools needed to make strategic marketing decisions such as:
- Establishing and implementing a market study
- Understanding how to conduct a brand analysis
- Creating a marketing action plan
- Constructing a communications plan
- Mastering a marketing presentation
- Building a team vision

International Finance specialization
The students in the International Finance specialization are expected to achieve the following outcomes:
- Master the tools in evaluating financial performance
- Measure and understand the risks linked to activities of the financial market
- Understand the techniques to control and manage risks
- Acquire the principal usages of the banking and financial law
- Manage financial flows

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