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Course Overview

Theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the different aspects related to the marketing management, understanding, and decision-making in a company. In detail:

1. Knowledge of the different organizations on which the social, political and economic life of a society is built.
2. Business knowledge, skills, and more specifically, “business and marketing skills,” as well as knowledge in areas related to business management, mastery of statistical and mathematical techniques (as instrumental tools for the development of marketing activities), markets, customers, information and control systems, and mastery of computer tools.
3. Knowledge of the improvement of personal development, incorporating in the programs the promotion of human and ethical values and corporate social responsibility.

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The main objective of the degree in marketing is to offer the student adequate scientific training oriented towards company knowledge, which will be the principle field of action for graduates in marketing, although they will also be able to develop their work activity in other sectors. Once this basic knowledge is acquired, the main objective of the degree in Marketing is to get the student to go more deeply into the wide knowledge of marketing elements, components, and market research.In order to do that, the syllabus is done through multidisciplinary study programs, whose main objective is:The study of different organizations, their management, and the analysis of changes in the national and international environment in which they are immersed.Theoretical and practical training which capacitates them for marketing and business management, as well as a humanistic training and personal development.The development of general skills capable of being transferred to a wide range of organization typologies and not exclusively limited to the business profession.
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Admission Criteria

Access to official degrees requires holding a high school diploma or equivalent and passing the exam referred to in Article 42 of the Organic Law 6/2001 of Universities, modified in the Law 4/2007 (12 April), taking into account other mechanisms of access foreseen in existing regulations.The maximum number of 1st year students accepted in the academic is:Madrid Campus: 82 places

Detailed course information

Marketing and Communication Techniques
Introduction to Corporations
Corporate Mathematics
Economic and Marketing History
Corporate Sociology
Civil Law
Applied Statistics to Marketing
History of the Commercial Culture and Society
Computer Science Applied to Marketing
Introduction to Marketing

Economic-Financial Analysis in Marketing I
Mercantile Law: Legal Regulation of the Market
Economics I: MicroEconomics
Strategic Management
Psychology Applied to Marketing
Annual Modern language
Economic-Financial Analysis in Marketing II
Labour and Social Security Law
Economics II: MacroEconomics
Decission Making Methods Applied to Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Responsability and Corporate Social Marketing

Communication Policy
Product Policy
Market Research I
Sales Management
Consumer Behaviour
Industrial and Services Marketing
Distribution Policy
Price and Cost Policy
Market Research II
Commercial Negotiation Techniques
Relational, Direct and Interactive Marketing
Marketing and Applied Information Systems

Marketing Plan
Elective 1
Elective 2
Elective 3
Elective 4
Academic Recognition of Credits
Annual Internship Placement
Annual End of Degree Project

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Rey Juan Carlos University campus of Madrid

Paseo de los Artilleros s/n. 28032, Madrid, Vicálvaro, Spain

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