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Course Overview

The Degree in International Relations at Rey Juan Carlos University has a study plan based on rigorous, quality criteria. This plan has been designed so that the student learns in detail how international relations are developed, what their main political and institutional assumptions are, in what way the international society is regulated, and what aspects have defined its historical evolution.

One fundamental virtue in the design of the study plan in this degree is its multidisciplinary character. Students will study questions relative to international relations from different and complementary perspectives that will permit them to become highly skilled: Law, History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Communication, and, of course, the concrete field of International Relations.

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The general thematic areas in this degree are: Law, History, Political Science, Sociology, Communication, Economics, Business, Computers, and Language.

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Admission Criteria

Enrolment in the Rey Juan Carlos University is on-line, using the computers on campus or any computer with web access. Dates and deadlines can be consulted in enrolment, as well as the requirements and necessary documents. If any doubts arise, ask at the Student Telephone Assistance Centre (C.A.T.A.)

Detailed course information

BE: Basic Education
COM: Compulsory
EL: Elective


Semester // Subject // Type // Credits
1 International Relations Theory and Fundamental Principles BE 6
1 Introduction to Law BE 6
1 Human Geography, Economics and Politics CS 6
1 New Technologies in International Relations BE 6
1 History of International Relations BE 6
2 History of the Modern World and Social Movements BE 6
2 International Organisations and Institutions CS 6
2 Constitucional Systems and Models from an International Perspective CS 6
2 Public International Law CS 6
2 Economic Principles BE 6

Total Credits: 60

Semester // Subject // Type // Credits
1 International Relations, Society and Globalisation BE 6
1 Theory and History of International Political Thought CS 6
1 Spanish Foreign Policy CS 6
1 International Marketing CS 6
1 Armed Conflicts and International Humanity CS 3
1 International Security and Defence CS 3
Annual Modern Language BE 6
2 European Union Political History CS 6
2 Companies and International Organisations: Multinational Companies BE 6
2 Public Opinion and International Journalism BE 6
2 International Economics CS 6

Total Credits: 60


Semester // Subject // Type // Credits

1 Latin American Community of Nations and Integration Processes in Latin America CS 6
Annual 2nd Language (Chinese or Arabic). Basic Level CS 9
1 International Criminal law CS 3
1 Democratization process, transitions and International community CS 3
1 Global Analysis of Cultures and Religions: History Education and Fundamentalism CS 9
1 European Union and Community Law CS 6
2 Procedural Law and International Tribunals CS 6
2 International Human Rights Law CS 6
2 International Trade and Arbitration CS 6
2 International Terrorism CS 6

Total Credits: 60

Semester // Subject // Type // Credits

Annual 2nd Language (Chinese or Arabic). Advanced Level CS 9
1 Immigration, Political Asylum and Development Cooperation CS 6
1 Diplomatic and Consular Law CS 3
1 Ceremonial and protocol CS 3
1 Emergent regions in the International Scene: Africa and Asia CS 3
1 Academic Recognition of Credits CS 6
Annual Internship Placement CS 24
Annual End of degree project CS 6

Total Credits: 60

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Rey Juan Carlos University campus of Madrid

Paseo de los Artilleros s/n. 28032, Madrid, Vicálvaro, Spain

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