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Course Overview

This Global MBA is designed to essential concepts of Global Strategy, Finance, Management and Marketing. The program is tailored for students to maintain the obligations of an intense work schedule, personal life and their education. Participants are not only equipped with the necessary tools to analyse challenges and best business practices from around the world, but they also learn how to manage their time in the most productive way. The flexibility of the program allows students to decide for themselves how to coordinate and maintain their responsibilities. The Global MBA boasts a vibrant, diverse and highly ambitious class profile.

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Admission Criteria

Level 6 or Bachelor DegreeEnglish proficiency (CEFR - B2)

Detailed course information

Part-I Postgraduate diploma in Strategic Management (Athe)

Global MBA programme is based on industry track to provide you applied learning with global location flexibility and universities.

Unit 1: Finance for Strategic Managers

Unit 2: Economics for Business

Part 2: Option 1: MBA from ARU

Unit 3: Organisational Behaviour

Unit 4: Global Business Strategy

Unit 5: Strategic Resource Management
Understand the role of human resource management in supporting business strategy
Know how to develop human resources in organisations
Understand the role of physical resource management in supporting business strategy
Understand the role of marketing in supporting business strategy
Understand the role of information systems management in supporting business strategy

Unit 6: Research for Senior Managers

Unit 7: Strategic Marketing

Unit 8: Personal Leadership and Management Development

(Please note that you need to pass all above listed units before progressing to the dissertation). You have an option to achieve your MBA from Anglia Ruskin University or study in USA at Virginia Commonwealth University after successfully completing your Part-I

Part 2: Option 1: MBA from ARU

You can choose to achieve an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University after finishing your Part-I

Choose any one of the following industry tracks for your dissertation or integrated project. You can do an internship during this dissertation and do not have to in classroom.

Global Investment Banking
Global Entrepreneurship
Global Capital Markets
Global Corporate Finance
Global Asset Management

Career Sectors

Asset Management
Capital Markets
Corporate Banking
Debt/Fixed Income

FX & Money Markets
Hedge Funds
Investment Banking/M&A
Investment Consulting
Private Equity & Venture Capital
Quantitative Analytics
Risk Management

Part 2: Option 2: MBA from VCU

USA Qualification by Virginia Commonwealth University

Real Estate
Global Business
Corporate Finance
Human Capital
Information Resources Management
Health Care Management
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Business Analytics
Supply Chain Management

Key Facts

Earn Scholarship of up to £14,500.00
10 different Specialisation choices (Investments, Real Estate, Health Care Management, Global Business etc.)
Free GRE Exam Preparation
Optional Sponsored Projects and Internships in the USA
Campus Placement Assistance
Earn while you learn – 20hrs/week working permit in USA and 1 year work visa (OPT) after the degree
Free Career Development Mentoring Programme with experienced Senior Investment Bankers
Free optional CFA Level I Exam preparation programme

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