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What is the TEAP?
Anglo-Continental's TEAP (Test of English for Aviation Personnel) is widely used to assess plain English language speaking and listening proficiency in accordance with the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale.

Our long established test is approved by the UK CAA for the testing of general aviation, commercial and helicopter pilots. The TEAP is therefore valid in all EASA member states, in addition to a number of other countries where it has also gained approval.

Who is the TEAP designed for?
Anglo-Continental offers a range of Aviation English Tests designed for different aviation personnel profiles. If further language training is required, either to maintain operational proficiency or to improve in specific areas, aviation personnel and/or their sponsors are then able to select a suitable training programme.

Candidates are expected to have some aviation experience, as the recorded prompts contain elements of standard and non-standard radiotelephony.

How does the TEAP work?
The TEAP, in line with ICAO's directives, includes a listening and an oral component. It is designed to generate a sample of the candidate's language skills which enables us to rate the candidate's competence in all areas covered by the ICAO descriptors.

Depending on the testing environment, you may be offered the use of headphones for the listening components. The recordings for parts 2 and 3 use non-native speakers of at least level 4 proficiency, and they include an element of appropriate background noise in order to simulate an authentic aviation environment.

The test is conducted as an interview with one interlocutor and one candidate, and is divided into four parts. Please note that the times given for each part may vary.

How can I prepare for the TEAP?
No special training is needed for the TEAP, but we recommend that candidates should:

-know the format of the test
-be ready to listen to speakers with a variety of accents
-be ready to speak with confidence and clarity
-be ready to seek clarification if they do not understand any element of the test

What happens in the TEAP?
The TEAP has a duration of approximately 30 minutes. This can be reduced by the interlocutor if they feel that the speech sample generated is sufficient for an accurate rating to be awarded, or extended, where appropriate (for higher level candidates).

TEAP candidates are photographed prior to their interview. All TEAP interviews are recorded for security and moderating purposes, and each candidate is assessed by at least two raters.

A report is issued by our aviation specialists providing the candidate's ICAO level profile, in accordance with the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale. Areas requiring improvement are highlighted. A certificate is awarded to candidates who achieve level 4 or above. Validity for Level 4 is currently 4 years; for Level 5 it is 6 years.

The test is delivered in four parts: Parts 2, 3 and 4 contain different tasks for commercial / PPL / helicopter pilots or controllers.

Part 1 - Interview
Part 2 - Short report
Part 3 - Listening comprehension
Part 4 - Long report and extension

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