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The Academic Study Programme provides structured and flexible long-term courses for all who need high standards of English to achieve their career objectives. It is particularly important if you need internationally recognised qualifications in the language for employment or entry to higher education.

Your programme, lasting up to one year and leading to the Anglo-Continental Diploma in English, allows you to progress at an appropriate rate through the various language levels to Upper Intermediate or Advanced.

Special Study and Examination Options
Your language knowledge and skills are systematically assessed and developed within an intensive general English course, supplemented by interesting special study options in areas such as:
-Supplementary skills i.e. reading & writing, work & study, British life and culture
-Academic preparation
-English for business and professional subjects
-Examination preparation and practice (IELTS, FCE, CAE, FCE and TOEFL)

Your Personal Study Programme
If you need to develop a high level of English language skills for educational, business or professional purposes, the Academic Study Programme offers you the ideal opportunity. It provides you with a study programme designed to meet your personal objectives, ensuring that your rate of progress allows you to maximise your learning potential.

Course Durations
You can enrol for varying periods from 24 to 60 weeks depending on your initial level of English, the level you wish to reach and the examination qualifications, if any, you wish to obtain.

Educational advice
The Academic Study Programme is designed to give you the best possible preparation for the next stage of your academic or professional career, and this is particularly important if you wish to study in an English-speaking university. Every part of the programme - from your intensive English training to your special study options, examination options and and your reading and writing skills - will contribute to your success. It is not necessary, however, to make your final choices when you enrol. Our Educational Advisers will assist you in choosing your study options and monitor your progress throughout your course. And if you plan to continue your education in Britain, they will guide you through the process of obtaining a place at the university of your choice.

An understanding of the life and culture of the country is of great assistance to those who undertake serious study of its language. On the Academic Study Programme you have the benefit of a FREE guided excursion, selected from our published list, up to the value of £ 44 for every four weeks of your course.

Reduced Course Fees
If you enrol for the Academic Study Programme (minimum 24 weeks) you will benefit from specially reduced fees to help you to achieve your academic or professional aims.

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