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Course Overview

The theory – both basic and in-depth for understanding how the different areas of a company work and are managed and supervised

A. Business Organisation
1. Marketing
- Accounting
- Finance
- Human Resources

2. The socio-economic features of the environment in which a company operates. These include:
- Economic
- Legal
- Sociological
- Historical

3. Additional knowledge which is needed to learn about the aforementioned and apply it in practice
- Mathematics
- Statistics
- Information technologies
- Languages

How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The main objective of the Business Studies Degree is to enable students to manage, advise and assess product and service organisations. Those tasks may be carried out in the organisation as a whole or in one specific department: production, human resources, finance, marketing, investment, administration or accounting.The graduate should know how to identify and anticipate opportunities, allocate resources, organise information, select and motivate personnel, take decisions, reach specific objectives, and assess results.To define the aims of the Business Studies Degree, the features and evolution of economic and business activity in an increasingly globalised and ever-changing world, in which the demands for competitiveness and sustainability are the norm, have been taken into account. The general training objectives are:- To know the nature of companies and how they relate to their local, national and international environments- To know the methods and techniques for managing and organising companies- To obtain skills in the use of mathematics and statistics
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Admission Criteria

For full-time students doing an undergraduate degree, the maximum period of time allowed to complete the degree is eight years. Part-time students can request an extension of up to two years from the Rector.In the degrees that have more than to 240 credits (4 years), the maximum stated in the previous section will be increased by one year for each 60 ECTS that are added to the 240 ECTS.Students have to pass a minimum of two subjects in the first year. Students who are studying part-time have to pass at least one subject in the first academic year.Students who are studying an official degree at Rey Juan Carlos University have a maximum of four enrollments in each one of the subjects in the study program, without counting previous cancellations of said subjects.

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