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Course Overview

The Programme is built around the knowledge and experience of the international faculty team within Deusto Business School, which is widely recognized for its research in competitiveness, innovation and strategic management. Moreover, the Programme is taught in close collaboration with Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness, a leading international research centre in territorial competitiveness based on the San Sebastián campus. In-house faculty from the Deusto Business School and Orkestra are complemented by specific contributions from collaborating practitioners in the fields of competitiveness and innovation to offer a unique combination of theoretical and practical perspectives.

Internships are compulsory for all participants who develop the Professional Itinerary, and can be undertaken through a range of institutions that collaborate with the University and/or the Programme or through participants own contacts. Tutors are assigned to support this internship process so as to ensure a productive link between the student and the collaborating institutions and advise on the development of the associated Masters Final Project.

For students following the Research Itinerary the Programme offers the opportunity to work with faculty from the Deusto Business School and/ or Orkestra in defi ning and developing a research project. The dedicated training provided by this itinerary and the personalized-tutoring will develop the skills needed to embark on a PhD and/or research career, including the identifi cation of research
questions, analysis of existing literature, articulation of appropriate methodology, interpretation of results and conclusions, and mastery of research writing and communication.

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How This Course Will Benefit Your Career

The programme aims to develop the knowledge and capabilities necessary to identify and analyse the key factors driving competitiveness and innovation at the organisational and territorial levels. It will promote an understanding of the key relationships between these levels of analysis that will support effective decisionmaking amidst the complexity of real-world innovation and competitiveness.
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    When do I start?

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    Admission Criteria

    - Degree in business management or a related discipline that contains a significant focus on business/management subjects (where applicants have a degree in an unrelated discipline, professional experience with strategic projects in the fields of competitiveness and administration may be considered as relevant, but entry will be conditional on passing an entrance exam).- Certification of English language ability to advanced level (C1).

    How do I apply?

    The application form must be completed and submitted along with the supporting documentation. Please submit only one application form.
    You may choose two options, in order of preference. The second choice is optional; you should include it only if you are interested in applying.

    Deadline for submission:

    Visit our website to see the deadline for submission:

    Supporting documents:

    • The application form (available at

    • A valid Passport (only for foreign students) or ID card for EU citizens.

    If your date and place of birth do not appear on your identity card, you must provide proof of these personal details as this information will be shown on your degree certificate.

    • BA, BSc, Licenciatura, Engineering, Diploma, Technical Engineering degree certificate or equivalent (or proof of having requested it). A certified photocopy.

    • Academic transcript of BA, BSc, Licenciatura, Engineering, Diploma,

    Technical Engineering degree certificate or equivalent. A certified photocopy.

    • Certificate issued by the university or competent body, accrediting that the degree certificate obtained is valid for access to Master studies in the country where it was issued. Only applicable for degree certificates issued by foreign universities. Original.

    • Motivation letter: two pages (maximum 800 words) outlining your motivation, potential to study successfully at postgraduate level and future professional interests.

    • Curriculum Vitae, with a photocopy of the relevant supporting documents.

    • Certification of competence in foreign language required in the programme, if applicable. A certified photocopy.

    Requirements for documents issued abroad:

    Documents issued abroad must:

    • Be official and issued by the competent authorities, in accordance with the legal system in the country concerned.

    • The degree granting access to the programme must be legalised or authenticated by the relevant diplomatic authorities, or, where necessary, certified by the Hague Convention Apostille. This is not required for documents issued by the authorities of the Member States of the European Union, or signatories of specific exemption agreements.

    • They must be accompanied, if appropriate, by the corresponding certified translation into Spanish, English, French or Italian.

    Admission process:

    1. Personal interview

    If the Admissions Committee considers it appropriate, it may summon the candidate for a personal interview with the programme directorate.

    This interview may be conducted in person, by telephone or via a video conference call.

    2. Notification of admission

    The final decision on admissions rests with the directorate of the programme and is based on a balance of the application, curriculum, personal essay, personal interview, etc. All applicants will be notified by post of the admission decision concerning their first option. In the event that first choice is «Declined», the second option will be processed if it is included on the application.

    See to check your admission status.

    3. Pre-enrolment

    As places are limited on master’s programmes, the University of Deusto offers the «Pre-enrolment» system. This system ensures your place in the degree programme you have been admitted to by making a deposit on account which will later be debited from the official fees.

    4. Registration

    Each student should finalise their registration within the deadline mentioned in the Letter of Admission.

    San Sebastian campus
    Tel. +34 943 326 852

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    • +34944139359
    • Campus Bilbao - Hermanos Aguirre, 2 48014 Bilbao, Vizcaya, SPAIN
    • Campus San Sebastian - Mundaiz 50, 20012 San Sebastian, Guipúzcoa SPAIN
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