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Course Overview

Study for an international business degree right after high school or as a transfer student in order prepare for a global career and much future success in your professional endeavors!
Business School students know that they face a global job market today. To ensure your success in this ever-changing job market, the American Business School of Paris readies you for this process, through an academic curriculum based on the American higher education system.

With more than 80 nationalities represented, internships and study semesters abroad (88 partner UNIVERSITIES), the American Business School of Paris offers an ideal multicultural environment for your Business studies.
Our BBA in France is structured around a core curriculum providing students with all the knowledge required for developing and managing a business. Students also benefit from professional experience in France or abroad, through mandatory internships.
All courses are given in English.

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Student Testimonial

I am having a wonderful experience at The American Business School Paris. The body of students is formed by people from around the world, and it has enriched my experience here in Paris.

When do I start?

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Admission Criteria

- Post-High School or Post-Baccalaureate: ahigh school diploma or equivalent is necessary.The Admission Application must becompleted and returned before studentshave obtained their final high school results.• Transfer students: students can transfer into the BBA program based on their academic profile, an examination of their course equivalencies and the transfer of credits from their previous school.

How do I apply?

- Applicants will submit an application form with all supporting documents (CV, cover letter, certificates and last two transcripts)
- Admission interview and language test

Detailed course information

 Academic Methodology
 Critical Reading & Writing
 Communication Techniques /Speech
 Adv. Critical thinking 1 & 2
 Introduction to Sociology or Psychology
 Intercultural Studies
 Management of Information System 1 & 2
 Calculation

 Introduction to American Business Law
 European and International Law
 International Business
 International Relations
 Business Ethics
 Macroeconomics
 Microeconomics
 Business Statistics
 Quantitative Analysis
 Principles of Marketing
 Consumer Behavior
 Financial Accounting
 Advanced Financial and Managerial Accounting
 Business Finance 1
 Organizational Behavior & Functions of
 Management
 Operations Management
 Human Resources Management
 Strategic Management

 Post-Impressionism
 Theater & Adv Public Speaking
 Creativity & Innovation in Fashion Luxury
 Luxury Sensory Marketing & Merchandising
 Sales Techniques for Luxury Brands
 Intercultural Luxury Consumer Behavior
 A Social History of American Music
 French Civilization
 Paris: Art, History & Culture
 Elementary French
 Intermediate French (lower & upper level)
 Advanced French
 History of Arts, Literature & Music
 International History of Arts, Literature
 and Photography
 America & France: Crossroads in Civilization
 American Writers in Paris

To obtain the BBA, students must follow 40 courses, and at least a 6 months internship period at the end of their academic curriculum:
 9 foundation courses
 20 core courses in Business, Management and Humanities
 8 specialized course in their chosen major
 3 electives courses

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The American Business School of Paris

10 rue Alexandre Parodi , Paris, France


The American Business School of Paris

10 rue Alexandre Parodi , Paris, France

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