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Course Overview

The Advanced Diploma in International Business Administration is ideal for:
Foreign students looking to expand their horizons by studying in New York City
Domestic students looking to receive a hands-on business education

The Advanced Diploma in International Business Administration program was developed to offer students an opportunity to learn basic international business practices in the heart of the “Big Apple”.

This program will provide the students with an active, hands-on approach to understanding business concepts. It includes an integrated capstone course focusing on application of case studies to the nature, functions and activities of actual businesses analyzing objectives, policies, and performance, all in relation to the outside environment.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Sample Course Outline:
Foundation of Business (60h)
Business College Math (60h)
Business English and Communiaction (60h)
Critical Thinking and Decision Making (60h)
Principles of Business Management (60h)
Business Law (60h)
Fundamentals of Computer Technology (60h)
Principles of Accounting I (60h)
Fundamentals of Economics (60h)
Principles of International Marketing (60h)
Principles of Accounting II (60h)
Corporate Management and Business Environment (60h)
Cross Cultural Management (60h)
Computer Networking (60h)
International Business (60h)
Information Systems and Operation Management (60h)
Corporate Finance (60h)
International Trade and Business (60h)
Principles of Finance (60h)
Principles of E-Commerce (60h)
Organizational Behavior and Change (60h)
Human Resource Management (60h)
Supply Chain Management (60h)
Managerial Economics (60h)
Business Policy and Strategy (60h)
Investment Management and Corporate Finance (60h)
Financial Accounting Management (60h)
Comparative Economic Systems (60h)
Organizational Communication (60h)
Research and Statistical Analysis (60h)
Principals of Psychology (60h)
Environment Science and Sustainability (60h)
Reserach and Report Writing (60h)
English Composition I (60h)
English Composition II (60h)
The Digital World (60h)
College Algebra (60h)
Business Capstone Project / Career Development (60h)

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