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ACFIE, An independent scientific multidisciplinary investigation Standard setting and training body in Ghana. Made up of experts and professionals that provides leadership, advanced forensic science skills and its application to forensic investigation.

The Association is the main professional body for individuals working as forensic professionals/ experts and academics. We promote the dissemination of forensic informations and continue advancement of forensic investigations and consultations across the many professional fields of membership.

We are the Ghana most unique and fasters growing organization that brings together all forensic investigators and provide forensic investigation skills and trainings to all forensic professionals and experts.

Our members in various parts of Ghana and other parts the world are well equipped to carry out effective investigations in both private and government organizations.

CFIE is the world leading professional credential being offered through ACFIE. We believe forensic investigators do not win or lose cases; forensic investigators seek only the truth, conduct investigations, enquire and report the true result of their findings in objective manner.
The Association pursues its objectives for the benefit of the public and service to its members.

Membership in ACFIE is open to those who demonstrate their competency through examination, experience and education and who continually strive to maintain their proficiency through continuing education and experience. Candidates who qualify through Academic education and practical experience and who subsequently pass the examination and are granted the CERTIFIED FORENSIC INVESTIGATION EXPERT [CFIE], CERTIFIED FORENSIC EXPERT[CFE],CERTIFIED FORENSIC INVESTIGATOR [CFI], and their respective Designation.

An Independent scientific multidisciplinary investigation standard setting and training body in Ghana.
It is the main professional body for individuals working as forensic experts/professionals and academics.
It is the only body in Ghana which certified forensic experts and professionals .


Superior Institute
Founded in 2015
177 Students
55 Graduations each year
24 Teachers
76 Computers
2 Courses

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To become a Certified Forensic Investigation Expert (CFIE) individuals must take one of the following certificate courses in their related field:-CERTIFICATE CATEGORIESGROUP A-Certified forensic investigation expert [CFIE]-Certified forensic expert [CFE]-Certified forensic Investigator [CFI] GROUP B-Certified Question Document & Handwriting expert [CQDHE]-Certified Forensic Handwriting Expert [CFHE]-Certified Forensic Investigative journalist [CFIJ]-Certified Forensic Graphology [CFG]-Certified Forensic Social Work Expert [CFSWE]-Certified Forensic Child Traffic Investigation Expert [CFCTIE]-Certified Forensic Anti Human Traffic Investigation Expert [CFAHTE]-Certified Cyber Fore...

  • Course
  • Online
  • Greater Accra
  • Duration: 1 years
  • Start Date: Flexible
  • GHS 5,300

This course covers Fraud/ Corruption Prevention/Detection Strategies and Steps in Forensic Investigation.It will equip you with skills andknowledge in forensic investigation and gives you advantage of getting job quickly and differentiate you from your peers. Also to acquire skills to apply at your work place for those who are already employed.This course will enable you the opportunity to easily get certified as Certified Forensic Investigation Expert by [ACFIE].

  • Course
  • Online
  • Greater Accra
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Start Date: Flexible
  • GHS 1,760