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African Inception for Agribusiness Research

About this center

African Inception for Agribusiness Research (AIAR) is a private company established in by two visionary women directors, and seeks to carry out developmental research using a customer centric approach to provide opportunities in urban markets for the African agricultural community. AIAR is keen on commercializing research results by providing business opportunities to youth and women led microenterprises.
This is done through its innovative agribusiness boot camps, and various business models that entails a combination of simulation business training, business concept development, business pitching, business counselling, and product differentiation with a customer centric approach. This also provides career opportunities for youth through its student placement program that allows youth to gain practical skills through aspiring entrepreneurs while carrying out business advising to increase research efforts for knowledge enhancement.


Training Center
Founded in 2017
45 Students
0 Graduations each year
3 Teachers
3 Computers
1 Courses

Center Locations

Location NameAddress 1CityProvinceCountry
Almasi Office SuitesThe Watermark Business Park, KarenNairobiNairobiKenya


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Karen Musikoyo-NguruResearcher and Agribusiness Development Specialist

As Director at African Inception for Agribusiness Research (AIAR) and program manager for the Global Agribusiness Management & Entrepreneurship (GAME) Center in United States International University (USIU), Karen Musikoyo-Nguru has extensive knowledge of, and skills in designing and conducting research and capacity building processes in Agribusiness. Stemming from establishing the GAME center at the university, she has over 7 years working with youth and women in agribusiness. She has successfully managed various projects spanning different countries in Sub Saharan Africa, managing the research, development activities, funds and partners implementing these projects. Currently she is Principal Investigator of International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) - funded research project testing different business models that can be used to expand business opportunities to the youth in the fish and poultry feeds in Kenya. Karen has also organized a series of public lectures on Climate Change and international conferences. Prior to this, Karen served as project assistant for the Nairobi Hospital and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; Regional Programme of Education for Emergency (UNESCO PEER) where she successfully supported the implementation of the program’s monitoring and evaluation framework as well as documentation of best practices. Mrs. Nguru holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Masters in Organizational Development and her current interest lies in supporting establishment and growth of micro-enterprises in Africa’s agricultural sector

Courses List

Premium Course

The African Inception for Agribusiness Research is carrying out an Agribusiness Boot Camp in Nairobi. This Boot Camp is designed for aspiring agribusiness entrepreneurs who are prepared to build a business model from their ideas and/or existing agribusinesses. Participants get hands-on assistance to test ideas over an intense 4 phase incubation by interacting with business advisors as well as investors. These 4 phases will take a total of 4 months buts its only the 3 days that one is required in the class.

  • Vocational Training
  • On Campus
  • Nairobi
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Start Date: 1/10/2017
  • KSh 80,000
  • KSh 50,000
  • Total